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public relations + social media + reputation enhancement

Comm Strategies is a public relations consultancy focused on helping companies expand brand awareness through traditional editorial tactics while leveraging new social media tools and SEO strategies to improve search rankings, inbound events and, ultimately, customer reach.  We build bridges to the editorial community and new media influencers, and help you create and promote news and other content to ensure that editors and customers keep coming back for more.  Comm Strategies works with companies of all sizes, with a primary focus on small and medium-sized businesses. We offer senior-level support from dedicated professionals with backgrounds in public relations, product marketing and digital strategies. We’re right-sized for companies looking for PR support without a lot of overhead and with a sensible, well-thought approach to the vast array of options for expanding market presence.  Our clients also appreciate that we don’t overextend ourselves – our goal is to deliver the kind personalized, direct service that you’d expect from in-house staff.  If you are looking for PR support that will integrate seamlessly with your organization and a business model where there are no surprises when it comes to fees and expenses, we’re the right ticket for your PR objectives.