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Social Media Marketing

Your marketplace is a now conversation. Actively engage with your prospects, clients and customers. The operative concept in social media marketing is engagement.

Content Marketing

The ‘currency’ of digital marketing is content. Create, build, borrow and share. Prospects and customers will asses your company or organization by the quality and quantity of your content.  If you are not producing, you are invisible.

Public Relations

Social media marketing is the logical and natural marketing extension of public relations. Instead of reaching customers through news editors, you can now go direct. But you still may benefit from traditional media outreach.


You have to know where you’ve been to know where you are going. The metrics of you social media marketing is the compass to your success. Create, build, distribute and then count. And metrics analytics show more than where you’ve been—they will show you where to go next.

Comm Strategies Vision

We were early advocates of leveraging media relations, social media and digital engagement strategies to advance the business interests as well as consumer awareness of client companies and organizations. Social media energized conventional marketing strategies by turning markets into conversations, and liberated traditional public relations from the often heavy-handed filtering of news media gatekeepers. Successful digital marketing outcomes are achieved through the orchestrated alignment of website destinations with social media platforms, channels and tools. Businesses also can realize profitable outcomes to customer and stakeholder marketing outreach by successfully integrating corporate functions – such as customer service, human resources and sales – that traditionally operate under a silo approach to marketing communications.

The Comm Strategies Difference

We work closely with businesses and associations to help them achieve their media relations and marketing objectives. When you bring Comm Strategies on board, you’ll work at the senior level. In other words, we won’t hand off your work to junior level staffers or outsource your projects to subcontractors. You opted for 20+ years of knowledge and experience, and that’s exactly what you should get.



Marketing on LinkedIn

Some might consider it social media heresy to use LinkedIn groups to promote a business or sell products. After all, LinkedIn established groups as a place for members to post business questions and industry viewpoints, discuss news and group-related topics, seek career guidance, make valued professional connections and learn about new job opportunities. So can you really market your company or brand on a LinkedIn group, or any LinkedIn group for that matter? The answer is actually a qualified yes − as long as you take the time to develop your strategy and approach, and always be mindful of the boundaries established by the managers and members of each group. Let Comm Strategies show you how.

Use Groups to Elevate Your Brand

Are you thinking about building an online community for your automation or industrial controls business? If yes, then the next question might be where to build it, since you are more than likely considering Facebook or LinkedIn, or even Google Plus. The leading social networks encourage users to establish and grow communities on virtually any imaginable interest, topic, subject, industry or business domain. And they provide easy-to-use, turnkey setup tools to help you get started. Comm Strategies can help you set up and handle day-to-day management of your groups.

In Social, Timing is Everything

Figuring out the best time and day to share interesting content and company marketing messages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels is a recurring theme in social media marketing. The solution would certainly take part of the mystery out of why some content does very well in views, likes, comments and shares, while other posts seem to miss the mark with your followers. Comm Strategies can show you the science behind content marketing timing.

Show Me Your Social Proof

If you are conflicted about the merits of social media marketing, the term social proof might be greeted with the same response as nouveau marketing concepts (and buzzwords) such as return on engagement, snackable content, owned vs. earned media, cost per like and clickability. Social proof sounds like yet another term designed to provoke the fear, uncertainty and doubt needed to get you to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon. However, social proof actually is an asset for an industrial business, and you should maximize its applications in your marketing. Learn more about the benefits of social proof from Comm Strategies, and how to get it.

Pressed for Time? Automate

Perhaps the single biggest obstacle to success in social media marketing is time – generally because we never seem to have enough of it. It’s no secret that effective social marketing demands a huge amount of your time. If it always seems like others have more minutes in the day than you for posting interesting content in every time zone, more than likely their “secret” is in leveraging social media automation. So why don’t you do the same? Let us help you use the tools that will elevate your brand to the big leagues.

Social Media Secret Weapon: Your Employees

It’s no secret that some companies have been slow to embrace social media for business, and research tends to back that up. So it’s easy to see why so many feel overwhelmed by the amount of catch up required to get into the game.The good news is even the smallest of businesses probably already has the necessary resources to help build social communities focused on their brands. Essentially, your employees may be your most valued social media asset. Let us show you how to leverage your staff for social media marketing success. It’s called employee advocacy. Let us show you how.

What are the Risks of Duplicating Content?

The assembly line created a revolution in manufacturing, enabling companies to make quantum leaps in productivity. But should you apply a similar approach to social media marketing, republishing the same content to a wider readership to drive more traffic to your landing pages? In other words, is content “cloning” safe for your marketing program? Comm Strategies can help you understand the benefits and risks, as well as how to avoid potential search engine penalties.

Got SEO?

You spent a lot of time and money on your new website. You like it. Your employees like it. Your customers love it. But ultimately none of this really matters unless your site is…popular. And popular in a very special way. In a search engine optimization kind of way. Do you have enough SEO? Let us help you get more.

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