Joel Don, M.S.J.
Communications & Content Strategist

Hi, I’m Joel Don, a seasoned communications & content strategist with over three decades of experience. I help guide organizations, particularly B2B technology companies, in strategically developing and amplifying brand recognition and thought leadership.

With over three decades of experience at the intersection of strategic communications, media relations, and social media marketing, I build stand-out brands and influential senior executives through targeted social campaigns, insightful blogs, contributed articles, panel appearances, and speaking engagements at industry conferences and events. My expertise goes beyond reputation management – I build credibility and cultivate thought leadership, ensuring your brand resonates at its core with your target audience.

Beyond the surface, I focus on establishing trust and expertise. Authenticity and knowledge serve as the cornerstones of my approach, creating a foundation for a lasting brand impact. I guide executives in establishing themselves as industry authorities, their insights shaping conversations and driving brand and professional elevation. Every LinkedIn post, blog, and conference panel – these are building blocks for a brand fortress, attracting customers and fueling sustainable growth.

I work from a foundation of corporate and agency experience in media relations, public relations, reputation management, and content marketing. With a master’s degree in technology journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, I spent over a decade as a reporter and magazine writer for notable publications such as a community edition of the Los Angeles Times, Popular Computing Magazine, and daily newspapers in the Midwest and East Coast. Having worked in PR for academic institutions and major businesses, I founded my own agency to drive impactful marketing and promotion. I accelerate business success by leveraging an integrated approach to demand generation through targeted media relations, content marketing, and social media outreach.

Ready to claim your unique space in the market and make a real impact? Let’s collaborate to craft your authentic narrative, thread by deliberate thread. Together, we’ll elevate your brand to a position of authority and trust, inspiring action and unlocking its full potential.


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