Hi, I’m Joel Don, digital marketing strategist, public relations industry veteran and founder of Comm Strategies, a marketing communications consultancy. I want to help you achieve business success by leveraging an integrated approach to content marketing, SEO, traditional public relations, and social media outreach customers, stakeholders and prospects.

Joel is a 20+ year marketing and public relations veteran and an early advocate of leveraging social media and engagement strategies to advance the business interests as well as reputation awareness of client companies and organizations. He notes that successful digital marketing outcomes are achieved through an orchestrated approach to the alignment of website destinations with social media platforms, channels and tools. Businesses can realize profitable outcomes to customer and stakeholder engagement also by successfully integrating corporate functions — such as customer service, human resources and sales – that traditionally operate under a silo approach to marketing communications.

Joel has work experience with businesses and organizations of all sizes; from global Fortune 500 technology companies and business startups to major research universities and non-profit organizations. He has delivered award-winning marketing and public relations services to clients such as Invensys (now part of Schneider Electric), Wonderware, j2 Global Communications, Software Toolbox, Gateway Computer, Parsec Automation, AST Research, TriGem Korea, UCLA, UC Irvine, and the International Society of Automation.

Early on, Joel earned his chops as a newspaper reporter and technology industry journalist, with a focus on all things technology — from computers and industrial engineering to biomedical research and health care delivery. He established his marketing and public relations agency when the Internet was called the information superhighway, helping companies deliver the right messaging to news media and high-value content designed to maximize digital marketing strategies and social follower engagement.